J2Em dwelling

Developer: Privado
Constructor: Pablo García Hijos
Photos: Pedro Pegenaute


This is a 90 m2 apartment on the chamfered corner of an east-facing nineteenth-century building, with a large bay window and balconies that create a very bright, pleasant atmosphere, with splendid views of the river.

The original distribution created a very fragmented, dispersed apartment, with a disjointed layout that barely let daylight into the innermost areas of the dwelling. The bedrooms were generously sized compared to the cramped living room, which in turn contrasted with the spaciousness of the bay window. An interior hallway with no natural light led to the rooms. The deepest part of the dwelling housed the kitchen, scantly lit through a small inner courtyard and inappropriate for present-day housing requirements.

The intervention began with a comprehensive reorganization of the rooms. The layout of circulations between the different spaces was reversed and now follows the perimeter of the façade. This change ensures daylight in the further corners of the dwelling.

The kitchen now occupies a central position, serving as a link between the entrance, the living area, the bay window and the master bedroom. These spaces are divided by bookcases and a unit that houses the actual kitchen and the wardrobes in the master bedroom. The bedroom has a sliding mirrored door that creates an illusion of space when closed. The inner courtyard functions as a lantern that connects the rest area with the bathroom.

Entry to the children’s bedroom is through two concealed doors, creating the sensation of a “secret room”.

All the utility, bathroom and storage spaces are located in the innermost areas, forming a wooden-clad perimeter that continues throughout the dwelling and brings added warmth to the spaces.