Project and realization
Developer: Sare association, Huarte Contemporary Art Centre and the Arts’ School of Pamplona.
Sponsors: Services Association of the District of Pamplona, TCC (Transports Ciutat Comtal), Ecovidrio, Government of Navarre and Pamplona City Hall.
Collaborator: Tresatres Comunicación visual.
Selected by FAD Awards 2016

SARE association promoted a campaign to raise awareness about HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. As part of this campaign artists from different disciplines creatively intervene various elements of street furniture in the city of the Pamplona. The action on the bus shelter located at Marcelo Celayeta n.75. is part of it.

The proposal acts in the space usually occupied by advertising, as part of the huge amount of visual stimuli we receive daily. Advertising is replaced by a mirror in which users are reflected, but it is an altered reflection. By manipulating the reflective and transparency properties of the surface, a kaleidoscopic image comes in return, as a wake-up call. This effect is changing throughout the day, depending on the natural and artificial lighting conditions that alter the relationship between reflection and transparency. Spatial depth is also achieved in a naturally flat element. The intervention wants the observer to question him or herself about which the underlying mechanism is.

These visual perceptions draw a parallelism with the objectives of the campaign, combining the act of looking and discovering. Today we receive lots of information through media, where, however, the worrying news about the increasing in the number of infections of HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are not showed. It is this silence that makes us not perceive these diseases as part of the reality.