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The proposal called BEGIBISTAN, in collaboration with Raul Montero, Emilio Pardo (RUE) Pedro Legarreta and Montserrat Guillén, is the winner of the ideas competition for the Southern Chantrea park, organized by Pamplona City Council.


The proposal GOGORATUZ, is runner up at the ideas competition for the new Eudel secretariat located at 13 Ercilla Street, Bilbao.

MAY 2017


MMM67, the proposal for the renewal of the Municipal Market of the Monte Alto district of A Coruña, co-authored with Roi Salgueiro, obtained an accesit in the ideas competition organized by the city council. Pablo Reboredo (technical architect), Juan Rey-Mecanismo (structural calculations) and Inarq (engineering) have also collaborated.

APRIL 2017


The proposal called BEGIBISTAN, in collaboration with Raul Montero, Emilio Pardo (RUE) and Luis Solachi, has been selected for the second phase of the ideas competition for a park in South Chantrea, one of the city’s districts, organized by Pamplona City Council.


MID estudio took part in the “Innobasque Tuesdays”event held on April 4th, 2017 at the Architects’ Association headquarters in Bilbao, presenting VANCOUVERISM, a project in collaboration with Miguel Eraso.


bezana noticias

The proposal for the upgrading and expansion of the municipal football field in Soto de la Marina was awarded first prize in the ideas contest organized by the city of Santa Cruz de Bezana (Cantabria).

MAY 2016


Last 12th May MID estudio  participated in the lecture “The rehabilitation issue” within the X Conference on Rehabilitation of Tudela, organized by the City of Tudela and the Ribera ORVE.

APRIL 2016


Our action for the SAL DE DUDAS campaign promoted by asociación SARE has been selected at the Premios FAD de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2016 in the category of Ephemeral spaces.

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MID estudio’s article “Acercamiento al espacio público. Lecturas de una nueva generación de arquitectos españoles” in EN BLANCO magazine n19 about New Spanish Architecture is now out.


vancouverism 63

The documentary “Vancouverism”, a MID estudio film directed by Miguel Eraso, gets into preproduction phase.



MID estudio has collaborated with the SAL DE DUDAS campaign, aiming to raise awareness of HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, promoted by SARE association.

The action is performed on the bus shelter located at Marcelo Celayeta n.75. Avenue in Pamplona, framed within a set of actions performed by artists from different disciplines acting on different elements of street furniture.



Oteiza Museum will be showing the exhibition “The Best School in the World” organized by the COAVN starting 6th october 2014 until the 8th February 2015.



MID estudio has obtained the second prize at the ideas competition for the Caja de Arquitectos new office in San Sebastián, promoted by ARQUIA.

MAY 2014

MID estudio’s intervention at PECHA KUCHA NIGHT PAMPLONA-IRUÑA Vol.III


On Thursday May 8th at 20.20 pm MID estudio will present EVERYTHING IS A PROJECT at PECHA KUCHA NIGHT PAMPLONA-IRUÑA vol.III

MARCH 2014


The proposal ONDULA by MID estudio has obtained a special mention in the ideas competition for the renewal of the “pelota” court and public space in Orkoien, Navarre.


ARBASO is runner up at the National Craftmanship Prize 2013 with its BasqueCrafts project. MID estudio collaborated in the project with PINTXOPLATE, a design proposal developed together with Bernat Vidal and MUKA design lab.



David Serrano is Ambassador of the 4th Arquia Próxima 2012-2013 Prize Edition. More information about this new edition at FORO ARQUIA PRÓXIMA 2014


expo premios coavn 2013 1

The exhibition OUR ARCHITECTURE, assembling all the works presented to the COAVN 2013 Awards, can be seen at the Muralla Hall of the Baluarte Congress Palace from November 6th to 23rd.



Starting 4th October 2013 until 11th January 2014, MID estudio’s work will be represented at the exhibition curated by ATARI called “SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – The Life Cycle of Buildings “at the Museum Cemento Rezola in San Sebastián. This exhibition is part of the “SUB/VERSIONES URBANAS 2” program organized by ATARI to celebrate the World Architecture Week.



Baukultu(h)r is the result of the research carried by MID estudio during their stay in AIR Krems organized by ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich in Krems an der Donau (Austria).


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We’ve just started our blog THE AUSTRIAN WAY

JUNE 2013


From 24th to 30th June, PINTXOPLATE, proposal created by Bernat Vidal, MUKA design lab and MID estudio during the BASQUECRAFTS by design workshop, will be exhibited, along with many other proposals, at ALHONDIGA BILBAO, celebrating the World´s Design Day- “Cities & Design” Conference

NT_logo orte

During July and August 2013 MID estudio will develop a research project in Krems an der Donau (Austria), as artists in residence at the AIR Krems programm awarded by ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich

MARCH 2013

NT_fad condestable_

From 20th March the PREMIOS FAD 2011 y 2012 exhibition will be held at the Condestable Palace in Pamplona. On March 25th, the 5 finalists from Navarra, including MID estudio presenting the Water Museum in Palencia, will be giving a lecture at the assembly hall.


Maier Vélez Olabarria junto a Dani Freixes (presidente) Eulàlia Aran, Jordi Farrando, Eva Prats y Nuno Sampaio forma parte del jurado de los PREMIS FAD 2013



MID estudio participated on a Seminar on Infraestructure and equipment recicling at the Máster de Arquitectura Avanzada, Urbanismo, Paisaje y Diseño MAAPUD of the Polythecnic University of Valencia on November 6th.



The audiovisual piece “ 2.600.000 árboles” has been awarded an accesit at the XXVII edition of García Mercadal Architecture Award, organized by the Architects of Aragon Chamber.

JUNE 2012

MID estudio’s lecture at the “EUSKADI JEUNE ARCHITECTURE” seminar, organized by ATARI cultural asociation at the ARC EN RÊVE architecture centre of Bordeaux on 3th May 2012, on video now. HTC, SUAREZ&SANTAS, TALLER MAUSHAUS and TOKIparticipated too. You can see all interventions on http://atarian-ka.blogspot.com.es/.

MAY 2012

NT_nuevos formatos_

The audiovisual 2.600.000 árboles, by MID estudio, has been catalogued at the third call for projects Arquia/Próxima 2012: NUEVOS FORMATOS.


MID estudio took part in the round table called “EUSKADI JEUNE ARCHITECTURE” organized by ATARI,  held at the ARC EN RÊVE architecture center of Bordeaux on 3th May 2012. HTC, SUAREZ&SANTAS, TALLER MAUSHAUS and TOKI were there too.

APRIL 2012


During spring and summer MID estudio will cowork in POTSDAM, at 6 Santa Marta Street in Pamplona.



The project under the motto BEGIRA NAGO, BEGIRA by MID estudio has been awarded first prize in the ideas competition for the Community Center in the Errementari and Serorategi houses of Zerain (Gipuzkoa). The competition was commisioned by Etorlur Gipuzkoako Lurra S.A.U. and Ayuntamiento de Zerain / Zeraingo Udala.



MID estudio will delivere a lecture at the XVI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WORKING ON HERITAGE organized by the Architects from La Rioja Chamber. The Conference will be held from 3rd to 6th November 2011 under the motto INTANGIBLE VESTIGES?

JULY 2011


MID estudio will be teaching the couse A WALK THROUGH THE HISTORY OF GREAT EUROPEAN GARDENS organized by the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Hall- European Green Capital 2012- in the Civic Center El Pilar from 18th January to 21st March 2012.

MAY 2011


The WATER MUSEUM is finalist of the VIII Architecture Award of Castilla y León


The WATER MUSEUM OF PALENCIA is finalist of the FAD Awards 2011

APRIL 2011


The WATER MUSEUM OF PALENCIA is among the 45 finalist buidings to the  V ENOR Architecture Prize


The WATER MUSEUM OF PALENCIA has been selected among the 40 finalists of the de la XI XI BIENNIAL OF SPANISH ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM within the Institutional Architecture category.



BAUWELT magazine publishes the WATER MUSEUM OF PALENCIA in the year´s first issue, among the runners up to the BAUWELT PRIZE 2011.



The project IKUSI MAKUSI, by MID estudio, won the first prize at the ideas competition for the Renovation of the Patronato Iturbe building and its surroundings in Elgeta (Gipuzkoa)


NT_foro arquia_

MID estudio intervened at the II Foro arquia/próxima 2010 organized by the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation at the Conference Hall of the ETSA Madrid on October 21st, presenting the WATER MUSEUM OF PALENCIA